First Love Island 2019 couple split in emotional Instagram statement

“I will forever be glad we rode the Love Island journey along.” It’s been 3 weeks since Love Island left our screens for the year – and one couple have just declared that their journey along is over too. Chris Taylor and Harley Brash have formally become the primary couple to separate following the show’s finish. Chris shared the news in an uncharacteristically serious Instagram post, stating that they’d come to the choice on Sunday night (August 18). “Both of us have been terribly busy with separate […]

Facebook risks preventing child abuse and terrorism investigations by concealing online messages, warns Priti Patel

Facebook has been warned by the new Home Secretary that its plans to cover online messages risks police investigations into child abuse and terrorism. Priti Patel told the tech giant that increasing users’ privacy by creating their chats secret can hinder detectives as they struggle to trace down pedophiles and extremists. The new development – referred to as end-to-end encryption – can facilitate criminals and place victims in danger, it’s feared. She is demanding that Facebook, together with Twitter and Google, permit access to hidden messages by intelligence agencies.

Zuckerberg says it’s “really important” for Facebook to create deepfake videos policy

Facebook chief operating officer Mark Zuckerberg said the social network is evaluating how it should handle “deepfake” videos created with AI and high-tech tools to yield false however realistic clips. In an interview at the Aspen ideas festival in Colorado on Wednesday, Zuckerberg said it might make sense to treat such videos otherwise from other misinformation like false news. Facebook has long held that it shouldn’t decide what’s and isn’t true, leaving such calls instead to outside fact-checkers. However Zuckerberg said it’s worth asking whether or not deepfakes are a “completely different category” from regular false statements. He said developing a policy regarding these […]

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Failure of Instagram horizontal scrolling

Instagram has apologized after a test feature was accidentally unrolled to millions of individuals using its app.The change meant moving through a feed had to be done by swiping horizontally instead of vertically. Almost as soon as the change was made, users took to Twitter to complain and demand the return of the familiar up-and-down scrolling technique.The unwelcome update […]

Facebook, on Mueller Day, drops bad Instagram news in a month-old blog post

While America was consumed with the partial unleash of an explosive report that has shaken the presidency and divided the nation, Facebook whispered some bad news: millions of Instagram users’ passwords were compromised in a data-security lapse. This followed an enormous security failure the company announced march 17, in which the passwords of hundreds of […]